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How to shift dynamics in times of turmoil

Throughout our life journey, we ​​go through stages where we feel like our path is no longer up to us. Whether we've applied for a job, have to wait for someone else's decision, or are in a period of national/international instability, at that point our fate doesn't seem to be in our own hands.


Well-known quotes like 'Relax, nothing is under control.' and 'You can always choose your attitude towards an event, whatever it may be.' have become cheap merchandise on Facebook, theories that we roll our eyes at. No matter how wise, advice is worthless to you if you do not feel it, experience it as true.


To get off the beaten track of stress, worry, agitation, or stiffness it is important to change the dynamic during these times of tension. The value of relaxing and taking ownership of one's ability to choose in situations where we feel constrained lies in their potential to bring about change when we are embodying them. 


There is, however, a world of difference between embodiment and mental repetition. Embodiment comes with release, repetition ends up being a kind of hypnosis, effective perhaps at first, but which loses its power over time.


When we realize that no aspect of our life is controllable: family, health, career, planet - are all kaleidoscopes with thousands of moving parts of which our will is only one, no matter how hard we work to sustain this illusion of unyielding power over our circumstances. The release that comes when we lay down the weapons of control and surrender with confidence and discernment to life allows us to enjoy the surprises that come our way instead of trying to limit and cram them into comfortable or desired forms. Flowing with life, adapting, being flexible and confident that whatever newness appears on the horizon will be in one way or another in our service is a natural thing.


Most children are naturally like this and these attributes of their spirit support their great capacity for learning, joy, and creation. They are embedded in each of us, the difficult part is to remember, amid this social illusion of mental manipulation and power, that there are other ways of being that bring us much more peace and ease in our experiences, and that we have the possibility, the right, to choose to access them at any time.


Feeling that you have the possibility to choose your attitude, the perception towards an event opens up new realms that come with a state of security that is based on something that cannot be taken away from us: responsibility for our own choices. The security that comes from comfortable familiar external contexts is invariably temporary—important and useful, but temporary. If I allow myself to remember that I have had moments of joy in dark situations, of abundance in times of poverty, of support in times of loneliness I can begin to see that my state does not depend on the context I am in - it responds to the context, but does not depend on it.


We live in our states like fish in water. If we choose to be at peace, open, creative, and act from these points of consciousness, life's defining moments become possibilities for whole new potentials. Unexpected events sometimes push us to see ourselves in a different light, to change the trajectory when we didn't think we could or needed to. It's difficult to admit that it's time for a change from the comfort of your routine, but when you're pushed towards it, it's never by accident. Assume that part of you has agreed to this and allow yourself to discover what wisdom, and fulfillment these new experiences can bring, even if they are unpredictable or painful in the moment. Choosing to bring about a new state changes the dynamics and solutions we see as possible.


We are collectively in a time of planetary change, and we all feel, however much or little they are reflected in our personal lives, that the world will not be the same again - but we have no idea what it will look like. Between pandemics, war, technology, artificial intelligence, a changing job market and economy, and everyone's personal problems, it's easy to fall prey to despair, often masked by numbness or constant agitation.


To go through all the social transformations that are already in the air as easily as possible, we must take responsibility, and find our inner resources to connect to new potentials. The time of having one fixed identity is coming to an end - we are no longer just an enumeration of 6 roles that we carry around all our lives, we will have to be adaptable, knowing that our spirit, our indefinable essence, is what gives life to whatever expression we choose to experience. Beyond our masks and roles we are, each of us, so much more than that and we have the ability to enjoy our journey on Earth, no matter how chaotic it seems or is right now.


With a sense of humor, with patience, letting ourselves go out of comfort and patterns, feeling into our own wisdom and the deep freedom that exists within us, we can navigate these murky seas of change that have never really been in our control but are influenced by the way we choose to live, perceive and integrate them.


So let us receive the gift of choosing how we perceive the events of life, of accepting the transitions we go through with the confidence that we have everything we need inscribed in us to transform them into potentials of beauty that go beyond everything we have experienced up to now, as individuals and as a planet... Let's receive the wisdom, intuition, and senses that guide us toward creating new graceful, fulfilling experiences and factes... Let's be Humans aware of our limitations and the vast treasures within us that have been waiting for a long time to be opened.


We all have an important part to play in the times we were born into. Let us bring the light of consciousness, trust it, and allow it to reveal to us the unknown of life with all that it contains. Thus, the knowledge of these new domains of our own soul will fulfill and enrich us personally and collectively beyond what we previously thought was possible and impossible.