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The missing link in "The Secret"

I’ve always been highly skeptical about the whole thing with the Universe conspiring to make our dreams come true. Yesterday, however, I had an insight and this new understanding fills in the blank in such a way that it “makes it make sense” for me and not only that, but it rings true deep inside me.

From what I’ve noticed there is a missing link which creates frustration for a lot of people who read or watch The Secret and then struggle to get results out of implementing it . The basic premise of The Secret is that if we are crystal clear on what we want the Universe will conspire to bring it forth so the more energy we invest in wanting something and imagining it the faster it will materialize. The missing key in my view is this: The Universe passes through us.

When we ask the Universe to bring something in our lives it might, if you let it act through you. When you feel an impulse to call a friend, to reach out to a person you find appealing, that is the Universe. Do you stop yourself from acting? Then you stop the Universe. If you want to make more money, you see a possibility for a project and you stop yourself from presenting it to your boss, then you stop the Universe. If, out of nowhere, you feel like posting on facebook or sharing in any way a very personal belief, article, poem, something close to your heart, and you stop yourself, you stop the Universe. Maybe that poem will catch the eye of the person you’ve been longing to meet, maybe it will be a drop in a glass that will make your sister feel like “Hey, there’s something more I could talk about with you than the trivial things we’ve been talking about.” and this brings a closeness between you that you never even imagined, maybe there is someone who sees this and thinks “Hey, it takes balls to do this; this is the kind of person I want to do business with”. Maybe it comes back to you or maybe it goes further to someone else, maybe your actions inspire other people and you start a domino effect in the lives of people you might never get to know.

You simply can’t know what may come out of the smallest actions you take but stopping yourself from taking authentic actions, killing those impulses is stopping the Universe from making your dreams come true. We are part of the Universe, there is no me and it, there is only we. The Universe is not out there, it passes through you and for you to fulfill your dreams you need to get out of your own way and let the Universe act through you – tune in to your inner wisdom, slow down even for 5 minutes per day, stay without doing anything so you can hear and listen to the yearnings from inside and then follow, follow your heart, your intuition, even if you are the biggest bloke around, yes you have one; follow your authentic intentions and by doing this you let magic come into your life.

You don’t need to know how it will work out, just keep on living authentically, acting out of your inner wisdom with courage and you might start seeing synchronicities show up in your life, as a result of you inviting them through your actions, through the way in which you show up in the world.