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30 conclusions drawn in 30 years

1. Everything I need or want resides within me: peace, love, joy, safety, abundance, freedom, clarity, wisdom - all of them are gifts I can offer myself if I choose, regardless of my circumstances. Searching for them and projecting them outwards I am only delaying experiencing them.

2. There is nothing I have done that can’t be undone, accepted, integrated in wisdom, liberated. For the soul nothing is unforgivable.

3. Any kind of compromise on my dignity, no matter how justified it seems, distances me from myself.

4. Everything that happens in my reality is serving me, even if I don’t realize at the moment how it is serving me.

5. In every moment I can choose a new perspective, a more expansive, ample, colorful way of perceiving, understanding my experiences and feelings. Thus, all I experience is my Creation.

6. When I justify a feeling, a limiting belief I give it power over me. Instead I can always choose to accept it, acknowledge that it is serving me no longer, that I don’t want to experiment it as a pattern anymore and release it.

7. There is a communication, an energy dynamic behind all events. If I let myself feel into it, I see that nothing is arbitrary, but appropriate just as it is in this particular moment in time.

8. When I integrate any life experience, no matter how heavy or traumatic, all that remains from it is it’s essence, wisdom, and all the stuck emotions (fear, anger, guilt etc.) are released, transforming into pure, neutral, crystalline energy that comes to serve me in new creations.

9. The past is never as I thought it to be. Memories get stored incompletely - we are either left with the overwhelming emotions, forgetting the beauty in the experience, or we retain made up images to mask what was hurtful. Through the eyes of wisdom though, we are free of our own past.

10. We can receive and experience in our lives only what we allow. As long as we believe ourselves to be unworthy, as long as we are ridden with guilt and shame we will only allow a sliver of what is available to us… we will only allow ourselves to work hard, to redeem the sins we think we have committed, to be traitors and betrayed, always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ease, harmony and joy have no place in our lives when we believe ourselves to be unworthy. All these emotions and small images of ourselves must be accepted and completely released. Mantras and repeating things we wished we believed but don’t only solidify the lack we see within. Until we receive the forgiveness of our souls for all we think we wronged, we can only allow very little abundance, grace, self-love to manifest in beautiful harmonious life experiences.

11. Abundance is the feeling of inner overflowing that spills in my life through people, projects, experiences. It is never the other way around and it has nothing to do with money and possessions, they are just another natural manifestation of it.

12. Any excess, even one of passion, kindness, enthusiasm etc., creates an imbalance, which afterwards has to be allowed back into harmony.

13. Discernment, the inner common sense is an honest guide which any human can trust - it lights our way at each step, at each crossroad. However, we need to train ourselves to distinguish it from the voice of our fearful minds with its limitations.

14. A clear mind and a light heart are necessary conditions for making life choices that honor us and expand us gracefully.

15. A forced relationship, in which I feel inadequate, I can’t accept myself or the person beside me as they are, is a toxic relationship.

16. Every human has their own journey and trying to modify it, when they prove to be unwilling to change, is a lack of compassion, regardless of the kindness of our intentions.

17. Without flexibility and adaptability any plan or purpose becomes a prison, an infinite source of frustration. My plans are my creations and like anything else, serve me at that certain moment in time for my expansion, but when they become a burden, an obligation or reminders of what I once wanted I have to release them. Life is unpredictable and that is a big part of its magic, if I lock it in goals I don’t get to enjoy it anymore.

18. There is no such thing as ‘too late’ when it comes to turning towards our souls, towards what is holy in us, no matter what we have done or have been through. Consciousness is an always pure, untarnished, sovereign part of every human. No matter how much we have turned our backs towards it, it is still there, waiting beyond time and space.

19. No matter how much we conform to society’s rules, promises and habits, it will never truly fulfill us. Measuring ourselves against ‘what will people say’, against what is considered normal (which is not the same as what is natural, it is just an accumulation of norms) we depart from our originality, from our dreams and needs.

20. No one can save us from ourselves, yet when we are ready for transformation people and situations appear to support us on our new path.

21. The body never betrays us, it merely reflects our inner dissonances. If we learn to listen to it, feel into it, collaborate with it, it will be a faithful partner in releasing our mental-emotional imbalances and in our transformations.

22. ‘In Earth as it is in Heavens’ - our experiences on Earth and in all other realms are recorded in our souls. We do not get enlightened when we die if we lived in darkness - everything we did here, we must also undo here. We are 100% responsible for our lives and our souls as humans, Creators, sons of God.

23. No matter in which structures, relationships, roles, addictions we choose to hide, run, numb ourselves there will come a time when we will have to face who we are and what he have chosen. Any type of energy is looking for a resolution. If we are aware of its communication and unlock it from its disharmonious state of our accord we will have more graceful experiences. Otherwise, the moment will still come, but it will be precipitated by an experience that will shake us (losses, divorce, disease..) from ‘the outside’.

24. The feelings, the parts of us we experience in relation to others belong to us entirely. People, through what they choose to experience, shine a light upon various potentials we have, but those potentials are our own creation, even if they were in the dark. When we take ownership of them and accept responsibility for them we can freely and discerningly manifest them in any environment.

25. Any kind of game of power, manipulation, seduction that we engage in feeds the belief that we are not enough and grows a sense of inner emptiness. All of these are only illusions that consume our vital energy, time, attention and we can choose at any time to step outside of them. The roles of savior, victim, survivor, aggressor and any other roles we have played throughout our lives can at any time be accepted, integrated and release, no matter how much we have identified with them, denied them or have experimented them. It is simple AND, because of all we thought we had obtained through them, not so easy.

26. Honesty towards one’s self is an underrated, vital and non negotiable condition of freedom.

27. Self love comes as we get to know and fully accept ourselves. It manifests itself in what we choose to experience in our lives.

28. Creativity, imagination are parts of our natural state of being. That state is blocked by self imposed mental limitations, tight beliefs around who we are, emotional patterns we got stuck in, but it is always there, it never disappears.

29. Taking good care of ourselves, of our souls, minds and bodies we give ourselves the chance to bring more consciousness in all of our creations. Doing what is necessary to be compassionate to ourselves is far from being an act of selfishness, a deep act of giving to ourselves and all those who surround us.

30. Being a Conscious Human Being, both human and divine, living on this complicated planet might be the biggest challenge to ever be posed. My hope, invitation and personal experiment in this life is to make out of this challenge an art - an easy, graceful, deliciously creative flow.