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Easter reverie

How would it be if.... Easter were a day like any other, if the only tradition were joy, if lighting the metaphorical light at midnight wasn't necessary, as the light shone brightly inside each of us would it be?

How would it be if.... we'd remember daily that we are true creators, if we took Jesus off the cross and would stop celebrating his suffering and started celebrating his life, if we wouldn't wait for his salvation and instead woke up to the crystalline consciousness seeded in each of us, if we'd embrace the son of God would it be?

How would it be if.... we'd accept our role as freers of our own being from the chains of karma and ancestral oaths of shame and would it be?

How would it be if.... we'd always be in celebration within and we wouldn't need to fast and cleanse at specific times during a year to remind us to stay pure and clean... how would it be?

If we'd live as if we were the light, the truth and the would it be?

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