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A different kind of isolation

- personal portrait -

Normal or not, fair or not, spiritual or not...the drama of this pandemy doesn't echo within me. I respect the rules, I adapt to them, and at the same time, I have no interest in the details and the magnitude of the apocalypse which unravels before our very eyes - diseases, death, panic and imbalances have always existed.

Somehow all the relevant and necessary pieces of information come to me, even without following the news. I notice they stir nothing inside of me, none of the measures our state takes, the pettiness of the ones who are stealing hiding behind the new regulations, even the experiences of those who are terribly afraid, get sick, leave the planet or those who are imploding now being face to face with themselves and all they have created.

I find nothing surprising or out of the ordinary in all of this because I see it as a natural consequence of our way of living, of our level of conscience. I am not impressed with the sensationalism of opinion fights and I don't get involved in them. I don't feel the need to change, control or mourn anything around me, no matter how dramatic it seems at first sight.

All the abuses, the bustle, the folly that are coming to the surface are well known to me, like a theatre play I've seen infinite times with different actors and productions, but which is essentially always the same. I see nothing special here. It would've been impossible for all the imbalanced dynamics we've been masterfully ignoring for so long to not find their resolution, one way or another.

I see nothing new in the way people use this event to do what they've been always doing, just a little different and possibly a little more obvious.

I understand hell, panic, fear of loss, the profound feeling of unsafety, commotion, numbness, the desperate desire for control, their seduction and gravity, because I've been through them inside myself and have experimented them in my life in thousands of ways. In time I've made peace with their existence, I've recognised them as my own creations, stopped feeding them, thus giving them power over me and retracted my energy from them and the roots they had grown within me. I notice now that when I observe them around me they don't cling to me anymore, and so, I can choose and manifest different potentials: of peace, harmony, abundance, even in their company.

The only matters outside of me that really move me, that awaken my interest, that truly grab my attention and spark something inside of me are the ways in which some people awaken to the truth of their being in these circumstances.

I am curious about those who are taking responsibility, who are realising who they are, who are returning to themselves, who are choosing to transform, who are discovering new aspects and finding inside themselves creative forces they'd never suspected or had long forgotten about. I am curious about the new shapes our society will take after this economic, health and soul crisis. I am curious what new choices humanity will make on the eve of these events. I am curious how the landscape of society will be morphed as a result of the leaps in the evolution and spread of technology.

Everything else is like a painting - it has no life, no force, it doesn't resonate within me - not out of lack of compassion, precisely because of its presence towards others, but also towards myself. I accept the experiences of those around me and I honor them. I trust that all that exists in our individual and collective reality, consciously or not, we have chosen and it is serving us in our realisation. As a facilitator and coach I support those who are going through various transitions, losses and transformations in these times.

Personally though, I allow myself to live in the heaven I have chosen to create. I allow myself to go deeper and deeper inside of me, in my joy, creativity, energy and to relate with those who I resonate with. For me this period is truly magical, filled with inner exploration and the discovery of new potentials.

The suffering of others, while I see it and feel it, does not make me a prisoner of their experiences. I have chosen to get out from under the ruling of obligation and guilt.

No matter how big the chaos, how juicy the distractions, I am always free to create my reality, to direct my energy, to live out my time after my heart's desire and to share it with those whose company brings me joy. Between suffering and freedom, which cannot co-exist in one person, I choose freedom.

The drama of the world will always be the drama of the world, but at last I feel and choose to be outside of its unfolding , noticing it instead from a distance, understanding it, accepting it and living differently right in the middle of it.

Each person has the necessary wisdom to go through the current events in the most appropriate way for themselves - if the processes we're going through look nothing alike it's because they are individually our own, tailored to the measure of our experiences and perfect in their own right.

The purpose of this article is to share the way in which I experiment at the moment this period. I am aware it might be different from the norm, if there is such a thing, AND in the same way there are countless voices sharing their panic and worst-case scenarios, I find this point of view also worthy of sharing. It is simply the way in which I experiment isolation - it is not meant to be a model, but a perspective.