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What are we left with after Corona?

These days I got into the planetary energy of the Coronavirus. I got scared, agitated, I clung to those around me and to old ways for a hint of "normality", familiarity and comfort of the mind. I could feel my breath being shallow, my thoughts chaotic, my emotions incoherent and my body inert, frozen. I was going a thousand miles per hour in my head, couldn't pull myself together, couldn't stop making lists on top of lists. Does it ring a bell?

Joyfully, in time, I had prepared for these types of situations and feelings. During the past years I have released traumas stuck in my body, mental programming that was not serving, I have experienced new states, living more and more in peace, clarity, creativity, instead of my past norms of limitation and fear. I know now how to identify when something does not belong to me and when I'm diving into the emotions and mindsets of others. I realise when my consciousness level is lower than usual and I don't choose to justify it, feed it, swim in it, but I look for a way out. I know myself and I have efficient tools for cleansing and releasing when I get caught up in the gravity of mass consciousness.

When I want to bring clarity, according to what I feel would be more appropiate on the spot I practice TRE®, use guided meditations, take a salt bath, use Bach flower essences, read materials that I know support in getting me centered, use somato-emotional release, self-massage with a foam-roller, write it out - I take ownership and allow, discern, breathe with the intent to get grounded and most of all I trust my inner wisdom.

Whether we like it or not, in the coming period all of us will need to find their inner resources, methods and people to support them in staying sane and going through transformation with ease. In this new context of isolation, general state of fear and reorganisation, both individually and globally, of everything that once was familiar, turning towards ourselves is not optional anymore.

Each of us will need to face our own imbalances, limitations, values, life choices...everything we have created in our life and our being. All that was inward is now coming out, all that was hidden is now revealing, all that was building up is now exploding. This is an extraordinary period of cleansing and transforming. Life will never be as it was and that is a great blessing. As a planet we were numb....maybe this is the beginning of awakening. We were grey, dissatisfied, comfortable, shallow, our spirit was asleep...maybe this is the re-start we needed.

Transformation is almost never pleasant - it can be intense, purgative, profound, freeing, expansive...but almost never pleasant. It implies giving up everything we built

dysfunctionally, everything we've hidden behind. It implies being face to face with the "monsters" within, that are only hurt unintegrated aspects coming up to be healed. The planet we inhabit is dying, in the same way our soul is when we don't feed it new experiences and instead we run away from ourselves. It was high time for a change, for pause, for reset - NOW, before technology advances even more, intensifying all our dynamics, both inner and social, simultaneously.

Let's observe, allow ourselves to be present, to see what is coming out of us in these times of unrest, what dynamics are manifesting inside of us and our relationships. Nothing that is happening in our lives now, nothing that we are experiencing is because of the Corona virus - this is only a contrast substance, it makes visible what was before invisible to the eye, and it is a catalyzer, it hurries processes that were already underway, intensifying dynamics we were already in.

So, let's become responsible not only when it comes to washing our hands and staying in, but also in the matters of our heart. Let this be a spring cleaning of the soul, a breath of fresh air for our spirit! Let us be honest and take ownership for what we are living, let us use this abundance of time to transform, to raise our consciousness, to make space for new senses such as acceptance, joy, creativity, compassion, clarity and wisdom. Let us come out of this period not just with a few extra kilos/pounds/stones, but also with a clearer mind, a cleaner soul, more emotional stability and spiritual maturity!

Let's become more healthy from all points of view, not just avoid getting sick!