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Coronavirus and social changes

Everything is intensifying - what do we do?

I believe this pandemy is the ideal time to apply the principle "Life is not what happens to you, but the way in which you choose to respond.".

The recent changes of our way of living are somehow forcing us to slow down, to turn towards ourselves and they reveal all the aspects and dynamics we were hiding under our rugs. All of these can be a huge blessing if we choose this period to be one of integration and transformation.

Everything revealed was already there - whether it is a tendency to panic when we're not in control or things don't go according to our expectations, power games in our family/couple relations or any other aspect we are manifesting, they are all coming to the surface for clarification and cleansing.

From many points of view we won't be able to turn our backs on what we've been ignoring and postponing. Everything will intensify: behavioural patterns, emotional imbalances, victim-abuser energies, communication and relationship disharmonies.

I invite you in the coming weeks to step into the role of the observer. Allow yourselves to see the imbalances within yourself and the life you have created, without justifying or covering them up. Just let yourselves notice.

It might be that these times of high intensity lead to the resolution of problems that have been ignored for years, to coming closer to your children/friends/family/spouse or to the disintegration of relationships that were no longer serving. Whatever the results, personally and interpersonally, if we are open to new perspectives we might see that in just a matter of months we can make changes that would've otherwise taken us years, heaps of energy and much more tears and sweat to implement. Turning towards one's self honestly is always a catalyser - it quickens the processes that are already underway.

So let's allow ourselves to be more aware in the coming months to be able to cleanse, clear, integrate and transform what no longer serves us! No more ignoring, sweeping under the rug, turning away, distracting, faking, lying - we've ran out of places to run - the blindfold comes off. 😊