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What I do in a thought-shitstorm

A couple of months ago I did a 5 days water fast. In summary day 1 and 2 I was light headed, evening of day 3 and whole of day 4 I was super energised and there was a lot of clarity, which made working with clients amazing. I water fasted because I was curious to experience how the physical cleanse feels like, but much more so the mental one. I wanted to see how my mind would react and what patterns would emerge. I'm sharing below a part of my own process in relation to the mind and thoughts and what I do when I'm in the middle of a thought-shitstorm. This is a curated instagram post - which is the place where I share most freely and spontaneously, so if you find this type of sharing useful and want to get it fresh out of the oven follow me there.

Water fasting update: integration is a bitch. The part where I start eating again turned out to be way harder for me than not eating. So many mental patterns are popping up, it is overwhelming at times. I breathe deeply and allow. I scheduled a session with the best therapist I know and I'm grateful (for a second or so :)). Mental cleansing is a big part of why I wanted to do this to begin with. It happens at different times for each person, but it happens. The mind gets noisy, patterns start popping up, there is inner resistance and a whole lot of justifying.

This will happen every time you do something completely new, whether it is a cleanse or not, and it is a normal part of the process. So I take a deep breath, soften my body, allow, trust and observe, notice, without judging or identifying with the thoughts racing through my mind. They are neither good or bad, they need no arguing or proving. They are just thoughts. They are from the past. They are not mine. I am that I am. I am the consciousness experiencing them so I can just notice and breathe consciously and allow. The more centered I am the easier it is to be aware of thoughts rather than buying into them. It gets easier and starts feeling natural to stay in my body, feeling, being present rather than being focused on the outside. And then I slip into believing a thought again, I get wrapped in its gravity pulling me in the eye of the tornado, I get restless, breathing fast, agitated, mental, all over the place. One way or another I realise I'm caught up in the currents of something that does not belong to me, that I definitely do not belong to and I start relaxing again, slowly remembering that I Exist beyond the mind, that I am that I am, I Exist.
Grateful for the somatic therapy session I have coming up in a couple of hours, grateful I could share with you and super grateful there is sooo much more than the mind, that there is Spirit, consciousness, I am. Thank God for consciousness and our ability to allow it here and now. Life would be, and it definitely was for me, a boring grey empty experience without it.