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Forgetting the essential

Isn't it funny how we came here to experience life on this planet, in this oh-so-physical reality and this is exactly what we are constantly trying to escape?

We are so busy getting to the end of pain, of struggle, of inner fights, of difficult times, of overwhelming emotions or on the contrary, trying to prolong, to hold on for dear life to any form of love and beauty, that we forget to live this moment, as it is, raw, unfiltered, not beautified or disfigured with expectations...just pure experience.

We keep killing, shutting down this breath right here, right now and we sell it for anything that promises anything. We shatter the vastness of this moment without a flinch.

With the full force of habit and the wind of the past blowing in our sails, we go into the grayness of a future that looks just like every other yesterday.

We keep on forgetting the essential, over and over again ignoring that little voice inside that whispers "It's ok to stop. It's ok to live. You will survive this moment. Delve into it. Feel it, touch it, be it. Let yourself feel. Your heart can take it. You can take it. Your chest fits more air than you think. And your soul? Oh, it just can't wait!"

Will you trust it?

Will you let sensuality and innocence back into your life?

Will you just really deeply feel this breath, this moment, this wild expanding universe of possibility that lives within you?

Will you?