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The story of a misfit coach

In truth I was born to do this. I have many passions but there is nothing that ever captivated me more than human nature. I started studying it through books when I was 12, going to trainings when I was 17 and I never stopped. I got trained in Uk, Netherlands and Israel plus many courses online in coaching and various techniques that can be integrated with coaching.

Experiencing all of them was important for the point where I was at and at the same time, I'm using pretty much none of it in my practice. What I am using is my wisdom, intuition, knowingness, common sense, ability to sense truth, my creativity and maturity. More or less these are the "tools" I use to center my clients, to support them in making and carrying through the best choices they are able to make in the moment.

I work with free spirits: misfits, mavericks, non-conformists because it's more fun for me and because I know this journey intimately from the core of my being as I have experienced it. I know how it feels to not fit in in any one category, ever, how it is to have so many ideas and not enough time, discipline or maturity to know what to do with them - so they end up like a permanent weight of disappointment on your shoulders, crushing your self-esteem. I know how it is to never feel like you are enough or are contributing enough. I know how it is to have so much passion inside and be so afraid it will consume you or those dearest to you because you really have no clue what to do with it and you feel like you've tried everything (numbing through internet, tv series, games, partying, food, sex, work, ending up in a burn out feeling tired and empty), desperately trying to bring balance in your life through feeding yourself almost exclusively with self-help, personal development, new age, positive psychology, mantras, inspirational videos, gurus who say are not gurus and all the debacle and nothing really sticking - just feeling a little bit better over a couple of weeks and then it's back in the pits, same level of consciousness - nothing really changed - nothing is ever refreshing just ventilating the same air, same energy, there feels like there is nothing truly new coming into your life, just same old thing in a new costume and you play along because you don't see any other solution and anyway everyone around you seems to be doing fine so maybe if you keep on pretending the nagging feeling that there must be more than this to life will go away.

But it doesn't and that’s where I come in to help you make a shift of consciousness, bring in that new air you are craving and really change something in your life. Make space for some peace, joy and guiding you so that you can start letting some of your own wisdom into your life, your own maturity, becoming able to enjoy your passion, having clarity over how to direct it so that it will fill your soul rather than consume you. I support my clients in becoming free, discerning individuals who enjoy their talents and their life. I do it in a way that is fun and easy and going to the core, because it can be all of these at the same time and that’s also the most efficient way to do it. We go away from drama and deal with the darkness without feeding it or taking it too seriously.

It’s a process, so I work with coaching packages and you can find all the info on that on the coaching page of this website but what I find important to always mention is that you don’t need a coach to do any of this. It makes it easier and more fun to be guided, but you are the one creating this new reality every step of the way so if you want to get started, with or without a coach it doesn’t matter, take a deep breath, choose to start being honest with yourself and a shift in consciousness will come. It is an inner choice and once you make it, you just get to experience the road there, but the destination already exists, it’s already done, because you chose it and that made it real. Trust your inner wisdom, the one that comes with clarity and feels clean-pure-honest, and you are in for a wonderful adventure of awakening to your true nature and a new life, a vibrant one, with many dimensions and filled with joie-de-vivre. Enjoy! ^_^