It is the death of old identities and the birth of new experiences from within an expanded Self.

  • Going through transformation is a whirlwind. It knocks the air out of you many times before you reach out for support. It might be something you've carried for years that seemed manageable and at some point, you realize it isn't anymore or, on the contrary, it comes with a change so radical you feel you don't know who you are anymore.


    A coach is someone who walks the road of change, of transformation with you. Someone who has traveled it many times within themselves and alongside others, knows its peculiarities, its challenges, and what perspectives are useful to make the journey more expansive, joyful, and easier.


    They will not carry you on their backs but will pull your attention to the roadblocks that may be invisible while being in the whirlwind of experience, to the importance of pauses, of taking out that pebble in your shoe you are tempted to ignore. They will accompany you with their torch lit when going through pitch darkness and revel with you when the sun comes out whether it's shining from outside or within.


    Many think it a measure of their worth to go at it on their own, forgetting that even with a fellow traveler you are on your own. It's just that when sharing it with a skillful guide you come to fewer dead-ends, you take your steps with more confidence and your experience is altogether lighter, richer in beauty, and laughter.

  • What clients say about our work together


    Caroline, business coach 

    Working with Teofana is a game-changer. Her ability to cut through the noise of your mind to focus in on the one thing that really requires attention is uncanny - she has always had a unique ability to ask questions that get to the heart and soul of what is going on for me and as such I've never left a session with her without having had one or several life-altering insights about my world. I would highly recommend working with Teofana to anyone who cares about the evolution of their soul.

    Alex, HR manager

    For me, working with Teofana has brought in the realm of possibility. She is a daring creator who doesn′t cling to what was possible until now, or to any limitations of the past – and she invites you to step into the present moment and think about what would be the yummiest, juiciest thing you could aspire to. She has a groundedness and a simplicity in her approach, and she has the gift of making your thoughts stop racing; in that pause and in that stillness, you can grip the feeling of the amazingness and limitless potential inside of you.

    Daniel, business consultant

    Every session with Teofana made me feel free. Alive. It brought me more ease. It made me feel I can breathe freely again, that everything is fine the way it is; it reminded me that I love myself, and for no reason I should doubt that. It literally made me feel lighter and peaceful. I feel I learned some mechanisms that I still apply whenever I can. I read in books ideas like: you cannot control what happens to you, but you can always control your view on what happens to you but during the sessions, I actually learned how to put this into practice. There's hard work between acknowledging an idea and internalizing it and, having an analytical mind, this is where I specifically felt I needed help. Bridging this gap is where I found the most value of the coaching sessions with Teofana. I'm still to find something more valuable to my wellbeing and inner happiness.

    Iulia, spiritual healer

    Teofana I feel has the magical combination of being both very grounded in her expertise as a coach and highly connected as an energetic, emphatic and creative guide. She has a beautiful light in her eyes that invites you to see your own, her heart is enormous and she is powerfully generous with her love.
    Don't miss out on working with Teofana if you feel called to do so. I am eternally so thankful and grateful!

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  • The soul's voice

    I've written an article on the blog where I describe one of the most important anchors in my transformations, feeling into my soul's voice.