"We are all just walking each other Home."



  • I have been working as a coach since 2013 when I finished university and soon after took my diploma from the Coaching Academy. My curiosity about human nature and how we function though, began in my early teens.


    At 16 I started going to international self-development trainings, after 2 years of voraciously reading any personal development books I could get my hands on. Going to these events was fueled, at a level, by my sense of adventure and the naive desire to make sense of and *fingers crossed* change myself and my family.


    The roots of this calling, though, came from deeper within me. There has always been a push to feel, explore, and expand who I am that has manifested in all my interests. I still see it vividly, beyond my work, in my passion for arts, for nature, and how they touch me.


    As I started on this road of self-development I was lucky enough to stumble upon a great organization from the Netherlands, Olde Vechte, where I could quench my thirst for understanding and begin exploring what it would be like to work with people as a coach and trainer. Collaborating with them gave me a stage for experimenting, meeting people from all over Europe, and diving into a profession I didn't yet have the maturity for, a fact I compensated for with plenty of enthusiasm and diligence.


    Attending their trainings as part of the team continued for about 8 years, all through my university years (I did a 3-year bachelor's degree in Management at Manchester University) and a while after. It was a wonderful mixture of learning, creating youth projects through a network of NGOs funded by the EU, and developing friendships that are still enriching my life.

    At some point, unbeknownst to me, the time came for a new, deeper dive within myself.











    Serendipitously, after returning from uni to my hometown (Iași, Romania) I met Daniela Bercu, a nonconformist holistic therapist and psychologist. This meeting was another turning point, as it brought me face to face with all the aspects of me hidden behind the mental level I was ‘so good at managing'. I had trained and retrained myself in the same way I would rearrange the furniture in a room, whilst blissfully ignoring the walls crumbling behind it.


    My mind was so pervasive in the way I experienced life, that other, truly more knowledgeable, parts of me hardly had room to make a sound. So I started going into my body, finding all sorts of emotional wounds, patterns of victimization, manipulation I often mistook for strength, and also that, small at first, voice of wisdom, of truth.


    This period has been a rebirth in many ways, discovering so many versions of myself that were twisted or voiceless, and others that were grand beyond belief. It lasted for about 3 years I'd say, this meeting and releasing of the major parts within me that had been one way or another corrupted by power games.


    Around this time I started discovering and attending training courses for a variety of body-related modalities: Psychosomatic release, TRE®, Yumeiho, Craniosacral therapy, Bach remedies. In parallel, I began studying Crimson Circle materials that gave me another viewpoint, a metaphysical understanding of reality, of how we create our lives as conscious beings. All of this I got to meld, together with Daniela’s experience and guidance, in a project dear to us, Creator’s Club, where we did beautiful retreats and workshops. As well as moving work, it was also an important experience for me, that formed me further as a facilitator.


    And then a new season started, one of reaping the rewards of all this witnessing, uncovering, releasing.

    It was a time for awakened senses, freedom, joy, and continued experimentation in my work. Whilst some imbalances were still showing up, now there was a safe space within me. I could observe them with honesty and release them or at least discern when I'm being swept away by old patterns and receive support. That also lasted for about 3 years.


    Then the blooming season came....


  • . 
















    A couple of months before the pandemic a creative surge started within me. What followed: staying within, the stillness that came with people being inside, the close contact with nature, amid the world's turmoil, fed a different kind of peace that settled within me. One that was here to stay. Somehow all my searching came to a halt. I felt complete, open, and curious about new experiences AND, at the same time, non-negotiably complete. It felt, and it still does, like all that is to come is an expansion, an exploration of the joy of all that already is within me, and even if there might be some hardship ahead there is no more suffering, detracting, or distracting from who I am.


    Each journey is different and we are not all meant to go the same routes or even arrive in similar places. I went deep within my humanness and my soul and that's not necessarily a way many people decide to go, but I wanted to share my story in hindsight (it didn't feel remotely as clear going through it) for those who might recognize parts of their own. I’ve been blessed with always having the right people for the path ahead, and whilst I am profoundly grateful for that, I also don’t believe it can happen any other way. As we are taking steps into the unknown, the right people and resources for that portion of the road appear.


    This is where I am now, working face-to-face and online with people who are also on a journey of becoming and feel a pull from within to make it grand in a Soul-aware, joyful, graceful way.

    Also, in 2023 I began a 2-year facilitator’s training in Systemic Constellations that fits in beautifully with my holistic way of coaching.


  • If you are curious about working together...

    There is an article on my blog, Traumas and the Great Transfiguration, that illustrates some of the pillars of understanding upon which my work is based. Reading it will give you a good idea of whether you'll resonate with my way of coaching.