• “So this, I believe, is the central question

    upon which all creative living hinges:

    Do you have the courage to bring forth

    the treasures that are hidden within you?”



    Elizabeth Gilbert - Big Magic

  • Bringing forth the treasures hidden within you is a winding process.

    If you are truthful, you already know the way.

    If you have the courage, you don't need a coach.




    Having one who has already done the journey themselves

    will get you there faster, more easefully and gracefully.


    In a way it's the difference between

    travelling by bus or flying business class.

    You get there anyway but there are less bumps in the road

    and more champagne if you choose the latter ;)

  • What is coaching?

    Coaching is a partnership towards your fulfillment.

    Coaching is a safe space where another person is fully dedicated to your success.

    They bring all their experience, all their knowledge and skills to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

    In my experience there is always magic involved in coaching if the client and the coach are a good fit.

    It's a time, a flow, a conversation, a co-creation where both parties bring 100% to the table

    and they invest it in your well being.


    When you have a kick-ass coach by your side, so much more is possible,

    because they see your potentials with clarity;

    they see those places you stopped believing you could go to or never even dared to imagine

    and they pull out that part of you that has the courage to bring them forth.


    If you've never experienced this,

    I highly recommend having one session with a skilled coach you trust and relate to,

    because life can truly change in the middle of one conversation.

  • Coaching with me


    My clients (and my friends) say I have an uncanny ability to sense the truth,

    the underlying issues and show it back to them. We are all bullshiting ourselves on a daily basis &

    most of us do it so much we get confused about who we really are.


    I help you get really clear and honest about who you are.

    My mission as a coach is to bring out the core of who you are

    and create space for that part of yourself to express itself in your life, your work, your relationships.

    I have noticed peace has the amazing quality of transforming everything in one's life

    and as long as an important part of you is hiding or suppressed there is really no space for peace.


    When I say peace I don't mean peace as in levitating, floating above everyone else, disengaged from life;

    I mean knowing deep inside that you are on the right track, that you are ok, safe,

    that you've got this and no matter what comes your way you will create a way to thrive out of it. 

    It is a deep knowing that the age of barely enough and just surviving is over.


    How this comes to be is different for each person. What is the same in what I'm concerned is that I show up, that I am honest and that I will create a safe environment where your transformation will happen with ease and grace if you allow.

  • I help bright misfits thrive by coaching them through

    the skills they need when their visions are bigger

    than the world they live in.


    thrive (verb) = prosper, flourish, succeed

  • 5 Necessary skills for misfits' to thrive


    Are you curious what are the 5 skills I coach my clients through so they create thriving lives?
    Click below and you'll receive a pdf that will give you some ideas of your own

    on what you could adjust in your life for maximum impact!

  • Coaching packages

    In my work with transformation, which requires integration and nurturing,

    I've noticed that coaching packages are the the best context for it to take place.

  • How It Goes


    Book a session

    Contact me or simply book a free session. We get on a call, see what we create together and if we're a fit.


    Pick a package

    If we're both excited to work together, we talk again to explore what pack suits you.



    I send you the agreements and the invoice.


    Our creation

    The party starts!

    We meet 1 to 4 times/ month, as it serves you best, and we make it the most impactful experience of your life.

  • I do 2 to 7 months packages

    that range between 600 and 1800€

    according to your particular needs.


    All packages include:

    * ongoing email support and emergency calls *

    * access to my network of badass creative misfits *

    * discounts on all group programmes *

    * follow-up call, 2 months after the last session *



    Instalment plans are available on all the packages.

    Booster pack

    4 sessions - 600 € (2/3 months)

    This will give you a taste of what our work together can accomplish without the long-term commitment. Even if it's short, I've had clients whose lust for life, courage and creativity were unrecognizable after the Booster pack.

    Extra: a life review document for you to have fun with

    and for me to get to know you better

    Re-New pack

    6 sessions - 800 € (2/4 months)

    After this pack you will feel refreshed, in touch with that playful part of yourself, energised and relaxed.

    You'll have clarity and trust in your

    capacity to create your life wisely,

    having had the seeds already planted in our work together.

    Extra: a bonus 60 min intake session

    Wings pack

    10 sessions - 1300 € (4/6 months)

    Like in the case of butterflies, it is not only the strength of your wings that will carry you through life but also their

    intelligent design and flexibility. In this coaching package there will be space for you to allow your wings to carry you into the Realisation of your dreams.

    Extra: a bonus 90 min intake session

    F*ck Yeah! pack

    14 sessions - 1800 € (5/7 months)

    Like being in a hot air balloon, watching from above,

    your entire perspective will change.

    You will see your whole life in a new light and the view on what's to come in the horizon will have you in awe.

    A truly life-changing experience for passionate souls.

    Extra: a bonus 90 min intake session & a physical gift from me delivered to your doorstep 

  • What some fellow mavericks say about working with me


    Julie, spiritual healer & performer

    Teofana Grecea is amazing, I believe she is an angel on Earth!
    During our sessions she held and created a space for me that was deliciously open, safe, divine, grounded and deeply healing. With the help of her insightful guidance I was able to touch at something deep and important in my life and to allow a powerful shift to happen.
    I still feel it today as Teofana's magic stays with you forever. Yes, it is that powerful.

    Daniela, creative project manager

    Dear Teo, thank you very much for your coaching sessions, that have supported greatly! You are an amazing one to talk to and trust, very creative and compassionate. And somehow kind of magical✨ .I felt free and safe during our sessions and we shared bunch of moments with great laughs too! :D I want to thank you for all that from the bottom of my ❤️.

    Alexandra, HR manager and coach

    Teofana has hold the mirror to me in powerful ways, and she loves to challenge people

    which can lead to great leaps and confrontations of fears that seemed so daunting, and in fact turn to be irrelevant.

    What I also love about her is that she is so aware; by being so free in her life and knowing that it is completely okay to pursue your passions, pleasures, your ebb & flow, your ups & downs, she in a way gives others permission to do the same and to go ahead and pursue their own needs & wants. If you are looking for

    a jump in a new direction, for a new mindset, for some joie de vivre, she‘s your gal!

    Sarka, DanceMandala facilitator

    Teofana is magic. Medicine Woman. Divinely guided kick ass coach, pure space holder and bold creator herself. I feel so blessed for the intense, deep, transformative journey we walked together. It was deep healing for me. She always served powerfully and never doubted my capacity to go for smaller or bigger leaps, to take on challenges, or to dive into big unknown. Her trust in me, her empowering ways, standing in the fire together, met me exactly in the right time in my life. Thanks to Teofana, little by little, I've created a life I've been desiring, I've trusted that it's enough if my ways are working for me and that what I need is coming from inside - out.

    Having someone, who's ready to serve and show up in all human/divine shades, who's ready to confront or put straight the mirror, is the most deep service you could imagine, who's there to hold space and celebrate life, to share own spices and own path, own learning and insights, who's encouraging you to share the light you are and seeing the pure gifts, who's lovingly witnessing each step, each jump, each fall; who's there committed to grow together and willing to say "i don't know"...ach... That's the most delicious, luxurious feeling I could imagine. It goes the way further beyond words, what an inner journey we've created together and how much magic, joy, fulfillment, connection, freedom, gratitude and love it keeps bringing to my life. My love, thank you for being you and following your intuition, for loving what you do. Our coaching was a red line of my becoming, of my remembering, wonderful time, nourishing soil for growing. I would recommended this to everyone who is ready to evolve.

    Maria, teacher, writer & speaker

    The impact that the sessions with Teofana had in my relationship with my partner was huge. I went from heaviness and fear to lightness and play. I could perceive another perspective that brought a sense of limitless possibilities and own power. She made me feel safe as much as I felt challenged to dig deeper, and I felt trusted just by her frankness.

  • Outside the box

    As a maverick myself, I get most excited when I create something new

    so outside the coaching packages above, I am open to creating other services

    that would serve you and expand your image of what is possible for you.


    These services could be

    *a full/half day intensive online where we nerd out on taking you to the next level

    *a retreat I create especially for you in a place we pick together

    *meeting somewhere on this beautiful planet

    to explore in person what you want your life to become and how to make it happen

    *having a 4h session in which we paint intuitively as a rite of passage to your new life


    *anything else that excites both of us


    So, if you feel like I am the one to facilitate your transformation and coaching packages are not your jam, let's talk and see what other exciting, enthralling ways there are for us to work together.

  • I'd love to gift you

    a free 60 minutes coaching session!

    If you want us to explore new ways for you to be the Creator you truly are, all you need to do is accept this gift and pick a time.


    This is a deep dive. I won't sell you anything, there will be no marketing or schemes. We meet online and we do the work your heart aches for in that moment. That's it!

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