• Dear Misfit,

    I love your passion!

    I don't know where you're at right now, how's your relationship with your inner maverick or what you are creating in the world at the moment, but what I do know is that fire burning inside of you, that spark pushing you to create, to go against the grain, to express yourself as much as possible, even when it might not be wisest to do so.


    I am here to support you.

    I am here to support you create a way to be yourself, in your most authentic, creative flare,

    and, at the same time, be sustainable and healthy in the way you use your gifts,

    allowing yourself the necessary space to enjoy your life and be at peace.

  • We all have a little misfit inside and it's my passion to speak to that bold, creative, free, rebel, intense part within you, to help you bring it in peace and balance so it can spice up and fulfill your life and make the world a more colorful, exciting, joyful place to live in.


    Our inner misfits are the crazy visionary parts of us that come alive

    through sharing themselves and creating beautiful works of art with passion

    regardless whether our craft is designing, teaching,

    parenting, healing, leading or organising.



    I'm Teofana, and I help bright misfits thrive 

    by coaching them through the skills they need when

    their visions are bigger than the world they live in.


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  • 5 Necessary skills for misfits' to thrive


    In my work and play with mavericks & misfits I noticed some patterns of behaviour and of success.
    In the pdf you'll receive by clicking below I share 5 abilities thriving misfits have in common.
    Reading it, you'll get some insights of your own and maybe some ideas

    on what you could adjust in your life for maximum impact!

  • What fellow mavericks say about being coached by me


    Caroline, business coach


    Working with Teofana is a game-changer. Her ability to cut through the noise of your mind to focus in on the one thing that really requires attention is uncanny - she has always had a unique ability to ask questions that get to the heart and soul of what is going on for me and as such I've never left a session with her without having had one or several life-altering insights about my world. I would highly recommend working with Teofana to anyone who cares about the evolution of their soul.

    Alexandra, HR manager and coach

    For me, working with Teofana has brought in the realm of possibility. She is a daring creator who doesn′t cling to what was possible until now, or to any limitations of the past – and she invites you to step into the present moment and think about what would be the yummiest, juiciest thing you could aspire to? She has a groundedness and a simplicity in her approach, and she has the gift of making your thoughts stop from racing; in that pause and in that stillness, you can grip the feeling of the amazingness and limitless potential inside of you.

    Daniel, business consultant

    Every session with Teofana made me feel free. Alive. It brought me more ease. It made me feel I can breathe freely again, that everything is fine the way it is; it reminded me that I love myself, and for no reason I should doubt that. It literally made me feel lighter and peaceful, and that I'm on the right track, whatever that right track may be. I feel I learned some mechanisms that I still apply whenever I can. I read in books ideas like: you cannot control what happens to you, but you can always control your view on what happens to you but during the sessions I actually learned how to put this into practice. There's hard work between acknowledging an idea and actually internalizing it and making it work for you, in your own life situations, and, having an analytical mind, this is where I specifically felt I needed help. Bridging this gap is where I found the most value of the coaching sessions with Teofana. I'm still to find something more valuable to my wellbeing and inner happiness.

    Julie, spiritual healer & performer

    Teofana I feel has the magical combination of being both very grounded in her expertise as a coach and highly connected as an energetic, emphatic and creative guide. She has a beautiful light in her eyes that invites you to see your own, her heart is enormous and she is powerfully generous with her love.
    Don't miss out on working with Teofana if you feel called to do so. I am eternally so thankful and grateful!

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